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Bishop Foley Catholic Art Mission Statement 

Education should focus largely on problem solving, as it is a single skill required of every potential endeavor. Art education specifically serves this purpose because it breeds creativity and creative thinking is at the root of all problem solving.

As esteemed educator Viktor Lowenfeld states:
Remember you are not [necessarily] trying to make your child an artist. It is [their] creativeness you care about: [their] sensitivity, originality, adaptability, fluency, flexibility, and the powers of synthesis, analysis and redefinition… some day, [they will use it]… medicine, business, law, or science, and you may have reason to be extraordinarily proud of that little boy or girl who sprawled on the living room rug with a box of broken crayons filling large sheets of cheap paper with figments of childish imagination.

Along with teaching self-expression, practicing creativity and problem solving is the primary focus of art education at Bishop Foley. In order to serve these functions, we choose effective teaching methods, highlight communication skills, create an innovative environment, and promote diversity in the classroom.

About the Arts at BFC

Bishop Foley Catholic High School features multiple award winning art programs. All Bishop Foley Catholic student must take one credit of art in order to graduate, but many student take multiple art classes. Aside from classes, BFC also offers several extracurricular activities that feature art, such as Art Club, Drama Club, and Band and Choir.
Even if a student is inexperienced in the Arts, they are encouraged to participate in the Arts in some way! We welcome students with all levels of experience!