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Our summer office hours are Monday-Thursday from 9am - 2pm.  Make sure to call ahead!  It's a great day to be a Venture!

Advancement Office

Bishop Foley Catholic High School Advancement Team

The Advancement Office at BFC is part of a rich tradition and history of providing a Catholic education to area students.  Basic to this, the school is blessed with a truly dedicated faculty and staff, engaged parents, terrific facilities, academic stability and the opportunity for a very bright future for the thousands of students who will grow academically, spiritually, and physically for generations yet to come.

While a well-run and highly effective school is critical for success, securing resources and support through the important work of advancement, will form the catalyst for a vibrant and promising future for Catholic education and Bishop Foley Catholic.

This office works closely with the BFC Board of Trustees, Development Council, school administration, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, grandparents and friends to ensure that the mission of the school is understood and that the needs of the students are continuously met.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding any aspect of the school, we are always happy to listen. Feel free to contact Amy Uebbing at (248) 658-2036 or


Rev. Gerard J. LeBoeuf

Amy Uebbing
Vice President for Advancement

Michele Colosi (Del Greco, ’99)
Advancement Services Coordinator
Alumni Relations

Katie Crombe '07
Admissions Director