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Staying Safe at School

This page was last updated on 10/21/2021. Presently, there are No Positive Cases of COVID-19 among staff and students, and No Active Quarantines

Procedure for Positive COVID-19 test result (staff or student) and Quarantine Guidelines


Upon determination of a confirmed positive case, Bishop Foley Catholic High School administration will adhere to the following procedure:


  1. Notify local health department.
  2. Determine close contacts.
    1. A close contact is defined as someone who is within 6 feet of a confirmed COVID-19 case for a total of 15 minutes over a 24-hour period.
  3. An individual who has been identified as a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case must self-quarantine for ten (10) days*
    1. However, if the individual is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms after ten (10) days, they must continue to quarantine until they are completely free of COVID-19 symptoms.
    2. Close contacts may provide proof of a negative PCR test, administered 5-7 days after the close contact, and return to school/work at that time.
  4. Administration will notify close contacts of quarantine requirements, and provide an update to the school community, informing them of the positive case


*Self-quarantine of a close contact is required, unless an asymptomatic individual meets one of four exceptions:

No self-quarantine period is required for a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case in the school setting when an individual is and remains asymptomatic AND one of the following applies:

  • Within the past three (3) months the close contact provides proof of a positive, confirmatory COVID (PCR) test, OR
  • Fourteen (14) days have passed since the close contact was fully vaccinated, (with documentation) OR
  • The potential exposure to COVID-19 occurred in a classroom while maintaining at least six (6) feet of physical distance between the two, OR
  • The potential exposure to COVID-19 occurred in a classroom while both the positive COVID-19 case and close contact were maskedand they maintained at least three (3) feet of physical distance between them.


This policy is in effect unless altered by instructions from the Health Department at the time of notification. Effective 08/24/2021



Information Below This Section of the page is an archive of items regarding handling and reporting in the 2020-21 School Year
All classes will be synchronous live on a "first day" if the school enters a full shutdown. Student cameras will need to be functional and on for:
  • Attendance in the first five minutes of class, and,
  • Discussion, at the discretion of the classroom teacher
    • Cameras need to be on for some portion of class
    • You can blur your background in Meet, under “change background” when you click the three dots in the lower right corner -- however, this does use up a lot of CPU power due to hardware acceleration, and will slow down your Chromebook. Not recommended.
Students do not need to be in your uniform, but should be presentable. However, being in uniform may sharpen focus and give students the mindset of being in school. The daily schedule includes 5 minutes between classes as a break, and a longer lunch than normal.
The daily schedule is as follows:
  • Start of the Day: 7:50am 
  • Live Broadcast M/T/Th/Fri from the office at 7:50am (No live broadcast on Wednesdays)
    • Morning Prayer, Mission Statement, Pledge of Allegiance, and Daily Announcements
  • 1st Hour: 8:00am - 8:45am
  • 2nd Hour: 8:50am - 9:35am
  • 3rd Hour: 9:40am - 10:25am
  • 4th Hour: 10:30am - 11:15am
  •  Break for Lunch: 11:15am - 12:00pm
  • 5th Hour: 12:00pm - 12:45pm
  • 6th Hour: 12:50pm - 1:35pm
  • 7th Hour: 1:40pm - 2:25pm
This page is updated regularly with releases to the school community regarding COVID-19, and how policies and procedures to mitigate the spread of the virus are implemented at Bishop Foley Catholic High School. The required COVID-19 dashboard document is posted immediately below, along with other recent updates.