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Parent Groups

Foley parents have a variety of ways to get involved with the BFC community. Fathers can participate in the Dad's Club and mothers are welcome to participate in the Endow study group.  All families are welcome to pray the rosary every Tuesday in our chapel at 2:30pm. We also welcome families at our school masses.  A schedule for masses can be found here.

Dad's Club Mission

The purpose of the Dad's Club is to share a father's talents and gifts with the Foley students and parents, serve the school as needed, and preserve BFC for future generations.
The club is a non-profit organization. The main object is to welcome all members to gather together in service in order to promote spiritual growth, as a social atmosphere, true caring and friendship for all families. Additionally, provide an atmosphere where all members are encouraged to observe their child/grandchild mature and grow spiritually. Lastly, to aide and serve BFC as needed.


All fathers with a current BFC student are members of the Dad's Club. There are a variety of ways fathers can be active members:
Honorary: Principal, President
Active: Those with a student(s) currently enrolled
Alumni: Those with a student(s) who have graduated
Grandparent: Those with current student(s) or alumni
If you would like more information, please contact Jim Krygier.

Mom's Endow Student Group Mission

Foley mothers are all welcome to participate in a Catholic women's study. Endow stands for "Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women." The goal of this group is to transform the hearts and minds of women and girls. They are invited into the joy, freedom, and dignity that comes from living out their gift of authentic femininity in Christ. 


Typically Endow meetings are held every other week in a classroom at Guardian Angels parish in Clawson. Homework is not required for these studies and they are a great way to connect with other like-minded BFC Christian mothers. If you would like more information, contact Eileen Ward-Bee at 248-840-4813.