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About the Business & Computers Department

What real world skills do your students learn?

Our business classes focus on things like how to balance a checkbook, how to invest money in stocks and bonds, the benefits of and types of savings plans, leadership skills, job interview skills, creating a business plan, entrepreneurship, how to bring a product to market, how we are influenced by neuromarketing, and analyzing all angles of financial transactions. In our computers courses students learn basic computer usage, HTML coding, Dreamweaver, Java programming, and XML layouts.

What careers can they get?

Business — Accounting, marketing, management, entrepreneurship
Computers — Smart phone programming, computer programmers, web designers

What fun things can students take part in?

Business — We have a semester-long investing competition. The winner always gets a prize, but the true joy is wearing the WWF Championship belt. Business students create a formal business plan, and also do blind product tasting.
Computers — Students research and create a post-Foley education plan that includes an interest profiler, college match, college cost analysis, career outlook and payment plans. Students create websites and build Android applications that they load onto physical devices for testing.

What makes the Business & Computers Department at Foley unique?

We are quick to respond to changing student interests. We create new classes as student demand and technology changes. All of the business classes have no prerequisites and are each only 1 semester. This means students have more opportunities to take these classes and can take them whenever they are convenient.



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