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English Dept. Q&A

What real world skills do your students learn?

How to write correctly, effectively, and persuasively. Also, in Journalism, our editors learn how to use the program InDesign, which is used in the real world for publication purposes.  In Yearbook, students use technology to create their spreads--almost everything is done online. They also learn sales/professional etiquette by being required to communicate with local businesses to sell advertisements.

What careers can they get?

Journalist, teacher, writer and many more.

What fun things can students take part in?

  • Visiting a TV studio
  • Producing two magazine publications
  • Capturing memories throughout the school year
  • Putting together a yearbook spread
  • Analyzing and acting out classic literature

What makes the English department at Foley unique?

We offer 2 different AP classes (junior and senior year).  We have a choice of AP or electives during senior year. Students can take the required English class PLUS electives like journalism, creative writing, or yearbook at the same time.