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The English department provides a strong emphasis in composition and literature. A variety of literary styles are covered from a multicultural and global perspective. Students have an opportunity to explore the world based on the point of view from others.

All English curriculum includes writing instruction that is challenging and continuous. BFC utilizes the Collins Writing System, which focuses on the frequency of writing and targeting different audiences. All departments utilize different writing styles and have diverse  assignments. They could include:  writing lab reports, summarizing math equations, persuading Social Studies classes, composing newspaper articles, creating video screenplays, and developing creative stories. Considering the amount of writing in Foley's curriculum, student work tends to be more consistent and they are prepared for college.

Required Courses

  • World Literature OR Honors World Literature (9th grade)
  • American Literature/Expository Writing OR Honors American Literature/Expository Writing (10th grade)
  • British Literature OR AP Language with British Literature & Composition (11th grade)
  • Literature to Film, Adventure in Literature, Drama in Literature, OR AP English: Literature and Composition (12th grade)*
*Note: If a student does not select the AP course, they will need two courses.

Elective Courses

Students have an opportunity to showcase their creative writing skills with the English department's elective courses. The school newspaper, The Venturian, keeps the Foley community abreast of important events around campus, the local community, and the world. The journalism class also hosts a Venturian blog, which is an online publication on a variety of topics. The Yearbook is a keepsake that many families and alumni cherish to reflect on fond memories of times gone by.
All of the publications are student run. The newspaper and yearbook allows them to gain valuable experience working in a team, using layout and design software, participating in the editing process, and expressing themselves creatively.
  • Creative Writing
  • Journalism I & II
  • Yearbook