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Health & Physical Education

Health & Physical Education Dept. Q&A

What real world skills do your students learn?

Physical activity is critical to the development and maintenance of good health. Through a variety of games, sports, exercise activities, and discussion, students will develop the knowledge, skill and confidence to make healthy choices and enjoy a lifetime of physical activity.

What careers can they get?

Physical education, health based careers, nutritionist, personal trainer, physical therapist, and coaching.

What fun things can students take part in?

Through a variety of units (basketball, baseball, hockey, weight training, volleyball, soccer, dodge ball, nutrition, physical fitness, mental, social, and emotional health) and discussion, students develop the knowledge, skill, and confidence to make healthy choices throughout their lifetime.


What makes the Health & Physical Education department at Foley unique?

Students enjoy coming to class everyday. Students are given every opportunity to participate in activities that they enjoy doing, while also learning new aspects of health to take with them throughout their lives.