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Attendance/Tardy Rules

Attendance/Tardy Rules

Office Hours
Attendance office hours are Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Parents must call (248) 658-2031 by 9:00 AM if a student is to be absent from school.

Late Arrivals or Early Dismissals
Students must always check in with the Attendance Office both when arriving after school has started and when leaving before school lets out.  Failure to do this will earn a student a detention.

First hour tardies
A student is tardy for first hour if they are fifteen minutes late.  On days ending at 11:30 AM, a student is tardy if they are seven minutes late.  The first five first hour tardies are considered “free.”  After the fifth tardy, a student will receive a detention for each additional tardy.  After the tenth tardy, a student will be suspended and their grades will be lowered for the quarter.

Other tardies
A student is tardy if he or she reports to class after the bell, but within the first seven minutes of class.  Four unexcused tardies within a quarter will result in a detention.  If a student receives three unexcused tardies for the same class, the grade will be lowered in that class for the quarter.

All Day Absences
When a student is absent from school, parents must call by 9:00 AM of that day.  If a call is not received, an unexcused absence is recorded.  Students who receive an unexcused absence will, at a minimum, receive detention.

For further questions regarding attendance, please contact Mrs. Graczyk in the attendance office at (248) 658-2031 or