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About the Math Department

What real world skills do your students learn?

Problem solving and critical thinking.

What careers can they get?

Careers in STEM, medicine and finance, among others.

What fun things can students take part in?

  • Michigan Math Prize Competition Exam
  • American Mathematics Competitions
  • Michigan Mathematics League
  • Competing against the teacher
  • Linear programming project
  • Moneyball statistics and sports project
  • Station style learning


What makes the Math Department at Foley unique?

We offer tutoring before and after school — both with teachers and peers — as well as ACT and SAT prep throughout the year on quizzes, tests and homework.



Ms. Horton Ms. Jagow Mrs. Simcox
Ms. Alicia Horton
(248) 585-1210, ext. 365
Ms. Amanda Jagow
(248) 585-1210, ext. 350
Mrs. Jill Simcox
(248) 585-1210, ext. 368