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Christian Service

Mission & Ministry at Bishop Foley Catholic seeks to build a Christian community among the students and staff of the school that is grounded in the Catholic tradition. It seeks to invite the school community to deepen their faith through regular celebrations of Mass, dynamic retreats, prayer, and community building projects.
The Mission & Ministry Team is a cross-section of students and staff that meet regularly with Ashley Hursin, Mission & Ministry Director, to promote a faith-based vision in the school community and to plan the activities that are described below.


Mission & Ministry at Bishop Foley Catholic seeks to ignite a genuine atmosphere of worship and prayer by providing a variety of opportunities in both planning and liturgies, including:
  • Daily prayer
  • Weekly all school masses, including holy days
  • Weekly prayer opportunities
  • Quarterly Bishop Foley Catholic and Guardian Angels mass, held on Fridays at Guardian Angels
  • Twice a year reconciliation services
  • Bible study


Foley encourages and promotes a development of the interior life through prayer, sharing, and reflection through specialized retreats for each class. All groups with exception of freshmen, are held offsite.
  • Seniors - Three (3) days
  • Juniors - Two (2) days
  • Sophomore - One (1) day
  • Freshmen - One (1) day
  • Staff - One (1) day

Prayer Intentions

The needs of our students, staff, alumni, and their families are prayed for by the school community each month. To add someone to the prayer list, email the Mission & Ministry office. Include the first and last name of the person, relationship to Foley, and reason for the prayer.

Community Building & Service Hours

Bishop Foley Catholic strives to spread the light of Christ and is committed to serving the community. Staff and faculty offer a ministry of presence by being available in times of crisis by listening, comforting, counseling, and caring for individuals/family members in their time of need.
Additionally, Foley requires students to perform service hours throughout the year. One highlight of the year includes a "Be the Difference Day" where all students, faculty, and staff spend a day doing service throughout Metro Detroit. The service form for students must be completed and returned within two weeks of doing service, in order for the hours to count. Questions can be directed to Mission & Ministry Director, Ashley Hursin.

Service Hour Requirements

Incoming ninth graders are required to complete 12 hours of service:
  • Six (6) hours completed in the first semester
  • Six (6) hours completed in the second semester
  • Hours may be completed in the summer

Service Hour Examples

Service hours must be community work. Projects can be completed at a church, grade school, or within the city. Tasks could include:
  • Tutoring
  • Working in parks/libraries
  • Volunteering at athletic camps
  • Helping at vacation Bible school
Volunteer activities that are excluded from service hours include:
  • Babysitting
  • Yard work for family, grandparents or neighbors
  • Helping someone move
  • Working in a commercial business
Also, service requirements for other clubs can not be used towards the service program requirement.