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About the Theology Department

What real world skills do your students learn?

Students learn lifelong faith that will continue to enrich their lives as they grow beyond BFC, and that they can bring into any career or vocation. They learn to critically evaluate situations and scenarios to make moral judgements of what they should do or avoid as disciples of Jesus. Students also learn practical ways to live their faith in today’s world and how to share their faith with others.

What fun things can students take part in?

  • Video projects
  • Creating social media accounts for God and people of the Bible
  • Tuesday Trivia as they compete against their classes

What makes the Theology Department at Foley unique?

  • Weekly Adoration
  • Confession multiples times a year
  • Strong retreat program
  • Be the Difference Day
  • March for Life in Washington, D.C.



Mr. McCormick Mr. Petty Mr. Pullis
Mr. Tim McCormick
(248) 585-1210, ext. 352
Mr. Steve Petty
(248) 585-1210, ext. 370
Mr. Ken Pullis
(248) 585-1210, ext. 357