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We understand that bus transportation helps provide parents with ease of mind that their child will get to school in a timely manner. The student body at Bishop Foley Catholic includes children from a variety of cities across the Metro Detroit area. Many commute within a 15-30 minute radius of the school.


In an effort to provide families with the most affordable tuition and fees possible, Foley has opted to not provide bus transportation. Providing bus transportation would unfortunately tack on an additional expense above the flat tuition rate. In addition to expense, there are additional reasons behind this decision:
  1. Most Foley upperclassmen drive. Students that have a younger sibling, typically drive them to school. Therefore, the number of students eligible for this service would be very limited.
  2. BFC students live in cities all across the Metro Detroit area - Rochester, St. Clair Shores, Macomb, Shelby Township, Sterling Heights, Detroit, and many more. This would require the bus to make multiple stops across the Metro area, which would make for a longer commute than necessary. Plus, students would have to be ready and out the door much earlier than necessary in the morning.
  3. Many students participate in clubs, sports, and other after-school activities. This would drastically reduce the number of students that would take a bus back home in the afternoon.


While Foley does not offer formal bus transportation, there are some options available for you. More than likely there is a student located in your neighborhood!
First, check with other families that may live in your area. There may be a parent that is willing to pick up your child from home or figure out a nearby meeting location. A place to start is to check with other parents that had children that attended the same grade school as your child.
Secondly, if your child knows of an upperclassman that drives, see if they are willing to carpool together.
Lastly, we are willing to help you connect with other families looking for carpooling options. While we cannot guarantee we will find a carpooler for you, we can take your name down to see if other families are interested. Please contact Mrs. Thea Augustyn at [email protected] with your name, student's name, and city you reside. We will do our best to try and find a family interested.