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Visual & Performing Arts

The Bishop Foley Catholic offers a well-rounded Fine and Performing Arts program. Students have the opportunity to explore a wide range of visual art mediums, choral/drama performance, and video production. 

Benefits for Students

All students can benefit from participation in these classes. Some of the advantages include:

  • Opportunity to express creativity
  • Hone artistic skills
  • Explore cultural aspects of the arts and how they shape society
  • Exposes them to expression that can only be experienced through the arts

Along with teaching self-expression, practicing creativity and problem solving is the primary focus of art education at Bishop Foley. In order to serve these functions, we choose effective teaching methods, highlight communication skills, create an innovative environment, and promote diversity in the classroom.

Visual and Performing Art Courses

Introduction to Art
2-D Studio
Advanced 2-D Studio
3-D Studio
Advanced 3-D Studio
Digital Design
Video Production 1 & 2
Advanced Placement Studio Art
Choral Ensemble