About BFC

Bishop Foley Catholic's mission and ministry is to form young minds, get to know and love Christ, while at the same time receiving an excellent academic education. BFC is a warm and welcoming community that offers many opportunities for growth in academic excellence, friendships, teamwork, and faith. In turn, BFC benefits from the many talents and gifts our students bring to the community.

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Join the Foley Family! When you take part in on-campus tours, Venture for a Day experiences, and open houses, you will be able to discover what it means to be part of our extraordinary community and how we can assist you as you venture to become the very best version of yourself.

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Bishop Foley Catholic offers a college preparatory academic program with more than 100 courses and 20 AP and honors classes. In addition to the traditional required high school classes, Foley includes additional course offerings in STEM, performing/visual arts, foreign language, theology, and more.

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Student Life

Ventures at Bishop Foley Catholic can explore a diverse mix of clubs and extracurricular activities that appeal to a variety of interests. Students can participate in clubs that explore music, performing arts, visual arts, community service, faith, science, technology, and much more.

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Bishop Foley Catholic’s mission and ministry is to form young minds, get to know and love Christ, while at the same time receiving an excellent academic education. BFC is a warm and welcoming community that offers many opportunities for growth in academic excellence, friendships, teamwork, and faith.

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Bishop Foley Catholic High school strives to be a Christ-centered school that encourages students and staff to live as missionary disciples. We accomplish this mission by rooting our day in countless opportunities to pray, serve and learn.

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Foley alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends of our beloved school understand the value of a Bishop Foley Catholic education. We are ever grateful to those who support our Mission, which is to provide a Christ-centered environment that emphasizes academic excellence to develop the whole person in mind, body and spirit.

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Thank you, Donors and Supporters!

Bishop Foley Catholic thrives thanks to our family of donors,
supporters, families and alumni who help us Venture Forward.

As we reflect on the generosity from our Bishop Foley Catholic High School family, we extend profound gratitude to the over 500 donors who, in 2023, have become the heart of our mission. With an Undeniably Catholic, Academically Excellent education as our guiding light, your support has propelled us to new heights of achievement.

Thank you to everyone who supported BFC in 2023!

The Accavitti Family
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Adams
Mr. Brent Adani
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Agbay
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ager
Mr. Anthony Agosta
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Agrusso
Ms. Joan Aiello
Mr. and Mrs. Dino Aiuto
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Albany
Mrs. Megan Alter
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Ammon
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Andre
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Andrus
Mr. John Angelo
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Arafat
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Arakelian
Ms. Kelli Arcori
Ms. Marie Arcori

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Armitage
Ms. Anna Armstrong
Judith A Arriola-Sanchez
Mr. and Mrs. Auerbach
Mr. Maxwell B. Augustyn
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Augustyn
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Augustyn
Mr. and Mrs. John Austin
Mr. and Mrs. John Avery
Mr. and Mrs. Iden Bajjoki
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Ballor
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Barbieri
Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Barnes
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bartkiewicz
Mrs. Kathy Bashawaty
Ms. Alicia Bashawaty
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Bedard
Mrs. Shawn Bennis
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Berndt

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Berti
Mr. and Mrs. John Biafora
Ms. Annalisa Bluhm
Gregory and Lucille Bolter
Ms. Lori Booth
Mr. and Mrs. John Boyle
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Braley
Mr. and Mrs. James Braswell III
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Braun
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Brinkmeier
Ms. Kathryn Brissette
Ms. Kaye Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Broski
Mrs. Nancy Brown
Ms. Lisa A. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bruni
Dr. and Mrs. Jason Brunt
Ms. Krista Bui
Ms. Ana Bureau

Steve Burkett
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Burks
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cabrera
Kevin and Susan Cairns
Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Callahan
Conrad A. Calvano Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Javier Cardenas
Ms. Terri A. Caribardi
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Caron
Ms. Tracy Carter
Ms. Christine Casimiro
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Causley
Mr. James D. Cavazos
Kristen Cayen
Mr. and Mrs. John Cerne
Ms. Joyce Chabot
Ms. Kaitlyn Chornoby
Ms. Angela Cicillini


Mr. Brian O. Clark
Mrs. Lisa A. Clark

Class of 1993
Karen Cleary
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Cleland
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Coles
Jamie Collins
Vada Connell
Mr. Richard Coon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Coraci
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Costanza
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Cotton
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Craft
Mr. and Mrs. John Crombe
Ms. Katie Crombe
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Crosby
Mr. and Mrs. Benigno Cruz
Mrs. Elizabeth Csizmadia
Mr. and Mrs. Jon A. Curcio
Jessica Dahl

Ms. Jo Marie Dancik
Matt Dasin

Mr. Mitchell Dawkins
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Dean
Marie DeArment
Mr. Jeffrey Deary
Olivia DeBusschere
Karen Delaney
Mr. and Mrs. Tony DeLaRosa
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher DeVault
Mr. and Mrs. Nickolas J. DiMaggio
Mr. Alexander Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dobek
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dolot
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Domin
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Doxen
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Drozdowski
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dusevic
Ms. Jane Dwyer

Mary Beth Dziedzic
Ms. Carol Eastman

Ms. Marianne Eberlein
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Eisenhauer
Mrs. Theresa Elson
Ms. Mary Elzerman
Mr. and Mrs. Don Erwin
Ms. Rhonda Esler
Mr. Greg M. Everly
Mr. Nicholas D. Ferguson
Mr. Michael Ferns
Ms. Mariah Fielder
Mrs. Michelle Finazzo
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Finegan
Ms. Mary Kate Fitzpatrick
Mr. Jay Floyd
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Fluent
Ms. Hannah Frelich
Mr. Doug Fry

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Galbenski
Ms. Tina Gammon

Gregory Garabedian
Ms. Monica Garcia
Mr. Kenneth R. Germain
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gholston
Mr. and Mrs. John Gignac
Mr. and Mrs. John Gilbert
Ms. Jennie Gillespie
Lena Gjoka
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glaza
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Goitz
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon B. Goldie
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Gonzales
Ms. Stephani Gonzales
Mr. and Mrs. Miquel L. Gonzales Jr.
Ms. Tracy Gottschalk
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gough
Mr. John Graczyk Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Graettinger


Mr. Richard Grammatico
Ms. Pamela Grant
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Greenen
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford Grems
Mr. Randolph Gryebet
Mr. and Mrs. James Guerin
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Guertin, Sr.
Ms. Midya Gumma
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Gutierrez
Ms. Amanda Haack
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hagen
Victoria Hagerty
Mr. Dale Hagland
Ms. Janine Hamilton
Mr. Ethan M. Hana
Mr. Daniel Hayden
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Hayman
Ms. Sheila Heath
Mr. Nina Hedges
Ms. Mary Helz

Mrs. Jennifer Henderson-Zaner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hengstebeck Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Al Herrmann
Ms. Juliane M. Herzig
Mrs. Shannon Heskett
Ms. Kelly Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Hessler
Mr. and Mrs. John Hiovich
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hood
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Hoover
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Horwath
Erin Hosner
Ms. Nicole M. Hughes
Mr. Evan Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Huiskens
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hull
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Imbronone

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Imrick
Mr. Anthony L. Ivone
Mrs. Tracy A. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Jagow IV
Ms. Amanda Jagow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jankowski
Mr. Louis Jaros
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jenuwine, Sr.
Ms. Stephanie Jett
Ms. Ann M. Johnson
Ms. Christine Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jones
Mr. Dean Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Joynt
Mr. Sean Joynt
Ms. LeeAnn Jurczyk
Ms. Angela Kamposh
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Kanar
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kaptur
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Karustis

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Karwoski
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Kas-Mikha
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Kavanaugh
Ms. Kim Keeter
Mrs. Marda Keith
Ms. Rebecca Kell
Ms. Jacqueline Kelley
Michael Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kenny
Mr. and Mrs. James Kerkmaz
Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Kerkmaz
Mrs. Camille D. Keyes
Mr. and Mrs. John Kidd
Mr. Jeffrey Kidder
Mario Kiezi
Mr. and Mrs. Eric L. Kimmel
Mr. Anthony Klik
Mrs. Theresa Kling
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Koleczko
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Kolinsky


Your support changes the lives of current and future Ventures.

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Kortes
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Koskodan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Krawczak
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Krull
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Krygier
Ms. Victoria Krzeminski
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kubacki
Claudine Kuelske
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kufel
Mr. and Mrs. John Kujawa
Ms. Shannon Lalain
Ms. Parker Lalain
Ms. Amy Lalain
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lamberti
Ms. Mary Lambrix
Mr. Brian Lanfear
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Lankin
Mr. Greg Lankin
Mr. Timothy J. Lantzy
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lass

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Laurain
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Leary
Ms. Therese Lenzini
Dr. and Mrs. Philip A. Lewalski
Mr. PJ Lewalski
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Lewandowski
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Liles
Mr. Wally Lindaman
Mr. and Mrs. Mike LoBue
Mr. and Mrs. John Lock III
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Losinski
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Luke
Mary Luther
Mr. and Mrs. R. Thomas Mader
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Madsen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maffesoli
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Mahon
Mr. Darren A. Makarski
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Malinowski
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Maltese

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Malysz
Mr. Jeff Malzahn
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Mandziuk
Mrs. Mary Manion
Mr. John C. Mann
Mr. Eric K. Marchlones
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marcial
Mr. and Mrs. Marcopoli
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Marhevko
Mr. and Mrs. David Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marson
Mr. Kevin Martin
Ms. Richelle Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Glennon Martin
Anthony Marzilli
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Maskill
Mrs. Marie Mattos
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Maynard

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mazawey
Ms. Colleen C. McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon McDuffie
Mr. and Mrs. David McGuire
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McGunn
Ms. McGunn and Mr. Sheposh
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel McIsaac
Mr and Mrs. Kevin McNulty
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Medici
Ms. Holly Menke
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Merricle
Ms. Patricia Methner
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Meyering
James and Geralynn Mickiewicz
Ms. Elizabeth Milan
Mrs. Rachael Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Mingle
Mr. and Mrs. James Mleczko
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Molnar
Mr. and Mrs. David Moore


Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Moore Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Moore
Dr. and Mrs. John Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Moore
Mrs. Beth Mullahy
Ms. Pamela Mulligan
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Munro
Mr. Daniel Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Murskyj
Ms. Gloria Nastas
Ms. Pamela Newton
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Nicol
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Nihranz
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Norgrove
Mr. and Mrs. Francis X. O'Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher O'Connell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. O'Neil
Mr. Gabe O'Neil
Dr. Jennifer A. Obrecht
Mrs. Carol Osborn

Mr. Jonathan Otten
Mr. Lanzio Palombo
Mr. and Mrs. James Paluzzi
Ms. Kelly Partelow
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Partyka
Mr. and Mrs. John Pasharikovski
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Paul
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Pawlitz
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Peltier
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Perdew
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Peterson
Ms. Doreen Pierce
Ms. Laura Pierce
Darlene Piette
Mr. David Popis
Mr. David Porada
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Poullath
Mr. and Mrs. Denys Pryjma
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Pullis
Shannon Rae
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Rapp

Ms. Olivia Rapp
Ms. Erin Ray
Mr. Aloysius Redding
Mr. John J. Reeser
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Reichenbach
Mrs. Anne Reichenbach
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reichenbach
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Reiterman
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Renner
Ms. Kathleen Rhodes
Fr. Tony Richter
Anthony Richter
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rizza
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Rizzo
Mrs. Jean Rogers
Ms. Debbie Rollins
Mr. Steve Rolph
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rosecrans
Patricia Rossiter
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Rossman
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Roszka

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Rowinski
Ms. Stephanie Rudis
Ms. Amanda Ryan
Mrs. Barb Ryan
Mr. Patrick Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. David Salazar
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Sanders
Mr. Chris Sanocki
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sanocki
Mr. Dave Santia
Ms. Arleen Savaya
Mr. and Mrs. David V. Scaccia
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Scaccia
Ms. Isabella L. Scaccia
Mr. and Mrs. Terry S. Schalk
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schaller
Ms. Jamie Marie Schaller
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Schaublin
Mr. Joseph Scheper
Jennifer Schlager
Mr. Daniel Schmidt


Step by step, brick by brick, our benefactors have helped us build not just structures, but futures for our Ventures.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Schmidt
Mr. Steve Schmieg
Mr. Steve Schmieg
Dr. William Schneider

Mr. John Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schudt
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Scislowicz
Dr. Jessie A. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Seamon
Mr. Richard Seckel
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Serra
Mr. and Dr. Andrew N. Severson

Ms. Fadia Shamoon
Mr. and Mrs. James Shankin
Mr. Jim Sharp
Ms. Stephanie Shattuck

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sheehan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shiner
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Siepker
Mr. and Mrs. Simcox
Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. Similuk
Ms. Michelle Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. John Skok
Mr. and Mrs. Slotnick
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Slowinski
Mrs. Donna Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Smith

Ms. Janet Soave
Mr. Curtis R. Sobieski
Mr. Ron Soborowski

Jennifer Sobota
Mr. Andrew J. Spiteri
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Starceski
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Stark
Ms. Margaret Stindt
The Straske Family
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Styf
Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. David Swanson
Mr. Kevin L. Swift
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Swift
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Swonder

Mr. and Mrs. Erik Swonder
Mr. Robert Szostak

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Takach
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Tanner
Mrs. Rebecca Taulbee and Mr. Jeffrey Bahnke
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Thelen
Deborah Theodoroff
Ms. Susie Thibault
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Thibodeau
Mr. and Mrs. Bud Thomas
Ashley Thornton
Mr. Andrew Tomasko
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Tortora
Cindy Tremblay

Thanks to your support, we continue to provide an undeniably
Catholic, academically excellent education for our Ventures.

Ms. Michelle Trenta
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Trexler

Mr. Gregory Trombley
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Trupiano
Mr. Salvatore Trupiano
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Turk

Mr. Trevor Tyle
Mr. Richard Uebbing
Ms. Caitlyn Uebbing
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Uebbing
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Valinski
Ms. JoMarie Ventimeglia
Ms. Linda Vettraino
Mr. Jim Vickey, Jr.

Ms. Christine Walika
Ms. Janet Walmsley
Ms. Rachel Walmsley

Mr. Carl T. Walsh II
Ms. Angela Walt
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wampuszyc
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wardowski
Ms. Shannon Warner
Mary Wasik-Corio
Ron Waterstreet
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Webber
William Weber
Mr. Lawrence Wei
Mr. Greg Weidenbach

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weir
Ms. Betsy Wells
Mrs. Heather White

Ms. Lani White
Ms. Jo Ann Whobrey
Mr. David Wilkinson
Ms. Robin Wilkinson
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Wille
Mr. Brian Wille
Mr. Brendan Wille
Mr. Joseph Wille
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Wille
Ms. Bridget Wille
Mrs. Leah Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Willis
Mr. Matthew M. Wilton
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wist

Mrs. Nicole Wittmer
Ms. Susan Woodard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wren
Ms. Margaret Wyszczelski
Mr. and Mrs. Casimir Zalewski
Lisa Zanke
Mr. and Mrs. John Zarembski
Mr. Kevin Zeiter
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Zeiter
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Zielinski
Mr. Gregory Zub


Affordable Flowers
Alliance Catholic Credit Union
Arthur Murray Royal Oak
Auburn Hills Marriott Campus
Austin Manning Wealth
BAE Systems
Bavarian Belle Riverboat/ Frankenmuth River Tours
Beaver Island Boat Company
Bello Woods Golf Course
Tricia Maskin —Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices — Kee Realty
Birmingham Jewelers
Bocci Salon
Boost Mobile
Bubbly Tub and Tan
Buddy's Pizza
Buddy's Restaurant & Pizzeria
Buff City Soap

Burn Fitness
Camp Sancta Maria — Sacred Heart Major Seminary
Camp Ticonderoga
Capital Tool & Safety Supply LLC
Catching Fireflies
Center for Digestive Health
Chateau Chantal
Christian Financial Credit Union
CK Diggs
Classic Appreciation
Clawson Jewelers
Clawson Steakhouse
Cookies by Design
Coopers Hawk Rochester
Cranbrook Institute of Science
Creative Art Studio

Dairy Queen
Decor Statuette, Inc.
Detroit Zoo
De'Twah Luxury Eyewear
Dierker & Kavanaugh P.C.
Discount Tire
Donor Synergy Consulting LLC
Drury Inn
Eddie V's
Edsel & Eleanor Ford House
EMC Computer
Enchantment Photography
English Gardens
Expedition Soap
Fertilizer Plus
Filipo Marc Winery
Ford House
G.A. Fuchs Co.
Gary Knurek Goodyear

Go Comedy! Improv Theater
Granite City
Guardian Angels
Hamlin Pub
Hand and Stone
HewTech Electronics LLC
Holiday Market & Catering
Hollywood Super Market, Inc.
Home Grown Brew Company
Honey Bake Ham
iFly Detroit
Ilitch Holdings, Inc.
Ink Detroit
J. Baldwins
Joy Salon Studio
JR's For Hair and More
Kaiser Studios
Kenwal Steel
Kettering University
Knights of Columbus - Clawson
Kona Grill


Thank you to the silent architects of our successful events — our in-kind donors and sponsors. These generous contributions transform our events into unforgettable experiences for the Bishop Foley Catholic community.

Kruse and Muer Restaurants

Lauren McDowell Agency
Leon & Lulu
Mackinac State Historic Parks
Macomb Surgical Associates
Mandziuk & Son Funeral Directors, Inc.
Meadow Brook Theatre
Melting Pot
Metro PCS
Michigan Beer Growler Co.
Michigan Pedaler
Miner's Den
Mission BBQ
Mojave Cantina
Nino Salvaggio
North Oaks Dental
Official Driving School

One Night Stan's Comedy Club
Outback Steakhouse

Papa Romano's Pizza & Mr. Pita
Peacock Poultry
Peak Physique Fitness
Penske Corporation
Pewabic Pottery
Picano's Italian Grille
Pilgrim's Run Golf Club
Pine Knob Golf Club
Planet Rock Climbing Gym
Poolmart and Spas
Premier Pet Supply
PRP Wine International
Ray Wiegand's Nursery
Ray's Ice Cream
RD Dance
Ridley's Bakery
Rising Phoenix Archery

Robert's Restaurant Group
Roger's Roost Restaurant

Rooms Realty
Royal Oak Brewery
Royal Oak Golf Center
S & J Seasonal Services
Safety Engineering Laboratories
Seasons 52
Shield's Restaurant of Troy
Skate World of Troy
Somerset Inn
St. Mary of the Hills
St. Rene Goupil Catholic Community
Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill
Sydney Bogg's Sweet Essentials
Sylvan Learning Center
Tapper's Jewelers

Taulant LLC
Teacups and Toys

Team Threads
Telly's Greenhouse
Texas Roadhouse
The Great Greek Mediterranean Grill
Tom's Oyster Bar
Trader Joes
TREK Bikes of Royal Oak
Troy Sports Center
Value Center Marketplace
Wasik Funeral Homes
Weber Security
Windsor Beauty Supply - Fraser
Woodpile BBQ Shack
Worthy Turtle
Yard House

Join our incredible group of donors to help
Bishop Foley Catholic continue to Venture Forward.

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