About BFC

Bishop Foley Catholic's mission and ministry is to form young minds, get to know and love Christ, while at the same time receiving an excellent academic education. BFC is a warm and welcoming community that offers many opportunities for growth in academic excellence, friendships, teamwork, and faith. In turn, BFC benefits from the many talents and gifts our students bring to the community.

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Join the Foley Family! When you take part in on-campus tours, Venture for a Day experiences, and open houses, you will be able to discover what it means to be part of our extraordinary community and how we can assist you as you venture to become the very best version of yourself.

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Bishop Foley Catholic offers a college preparatory academic program with more than 100 courses and 20 AP and honors classes. In addition to the traditional required high school classes, Foley includes additional course offerings in STEM, performing/visual arts, foreign language, theology, and more.

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Student Life

Ventures at Bishop Foley Catholic can explore a diverse mix of clubs and extracurricular activities that appeal to a variety of interests. Students can participate in clubs that explore music, performing arts, visual arts, community service, faith, science, technology, and much more.

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Bishop Foley Catholic’s mission and ministry is to form young minds, get to know and love Christ, while at the same time receiving an excellent academic education. BFC is a warm and welcoming community that offers many opportunities for growth in academic excellence, friendships, teamwork, and faith.

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Bishop Foley Catholic High school strives to be a Christ-centered school that encourages students and staff to live as missionary disciples. We accomplish this mission by rooting our day in countless opportunities to pray, serve and learn.

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Foley alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends of our beloved school understand the value of a Bishop Foley Catholic education. We are ever grateful to those who support our Mission, which is to provide a Christ-centered environment that emphasizes academic excellence to develop the whole person in mind, body and spirit.

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The goal of the BFC counseling department is to support students, provide them with a safe environment and give them the necessary tools they need in order to succeed during their four years at Bishop Foley Catholic and beyond.


— Meet the BFC Counseling Team —


Mrs. Emma Peurach

10th grade (2026): L-Z
11th grade (2025): L-Z
12th grade (2024): L-Z


Mr. PJ Lewalski

9th grade (2027): A-K
10th grade (2026): A-K
11th grade (2025): A-K


Ms. Ashley Hursin
Associate School Counselor

9th Grade (2027): L-Z
12th Grade (2024): A-K

Academic Success
Excel with Confidence

Invest in your academic journey with our Academic Success resources. Explore our course catalog, access tutoring, and discover study tips. Prepare for standardized tests like PSAT, SAT, and ACT with expert guidance.

Future Planning
Chart Your Path

Explore your future with our Future Planning resources. Request recommendation letters, access college planning tools, and find scholarships. Learn about career options, including the military, apprenticeships, and trades. Easily request transcripts for your next step.

Social & Emotional Support
Find your Balance

Your well-being matters. Find resources like appointment calendars and counseling referrals. Explore mental wellness resources and our virtual calming room. If you or someone you know is in crisis, there's help available through lifelines and emergency services.

Parent & Guardian Resources
Supporting Your Venture's Journey

Supporting parents and guardians is important to us. Explore resources from the Cook Foundation and other mental wellness organizations. Plus, access valuable resources from Oakland County for both teen and parent mental health.


College Visits

Our College Visit program brings colleges to campus during lunch hours, allowing students to learn about potential careers and opportunities. Juniors have exclusive access to sign up for on-campus college presentations, all conveniently communicated through email notifications.


Career Day

Career Day is back in 2024! We're excited to invite BFC alumni to return and share their valuable career experiences. It's a fantastic opportunity for our Ventures to connect with a variety of Foley graduates and gain insights into the career paths that Foley has helped them succeed in.


Parent Meetings

Our Parent Meetings, organized by the counseling department, offer valuable insights tailored to each grade level. These scheduled presentations provide parents with essential information to support their students. Parents are always welcome to reach out with specific questions.


Trade and Military Visits

We're committed to helping every Venture find their best fit for success and are dedicated to offering diverse opportunities. Representatives from the US Army, Marines and other organizations visit during school hours to help students explore alternative career paths. 

Our Graduates Continue to Venture Forward

The counseling department is committed to providing students with several opportunities to learn about the higher education options they have after graduation and match them with their best fit for success.

100% of Foley graduates go on to attend college or pursue their talents and skills. Of those matriculating to university of college, approximately 90% remain in state and 10% venture out of state. Ventures who find their passions and callings throughout their four-year career explore skilled trades or athletic 

$ 7000000 Awarded in Reported College Scholarships for the Class of 2023

13 Students Signed to Continue Athletic Ambitions on a College Sport Team

97 % Matriculated to University or College, In-State, Out of State and Abroad


Venture Forward.

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