About BFC

Bishop Foley Catholic's mission and ministry is to form young minds, get to know and love Christ, while at the same time receiving an excellent academic education. BFC is a warm and welcoming community that offers many opportunities for growth in academic excellence, friendships, teamwork, and faith. In turn, BFC benefits from the many talents and gifts our students bring to the community.

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Join the Foley Family! When you take part in on-campus tours, Venture for a Day experiences, and open houses, you will be able to discover what it means to be part of our extraordinary community and how we can assist you as you venture to become the very best version of yourself.

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Bishop Foley Catholic offers a college preparatory academic program with more than 100 courses and 20 AP and honors classes. In addition to the traditional required high school classes, Foley includes additional course offerings in STEM, performing/visual arts, foreign language, theology, and more.

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Student Life

Ventures at Bishop Foley Catholic can explore a diverse mix of clubs and extracurricular activities that appeal to a variety of interests. Students can participate in clubs that explore music, performing arts, visual arts, community service, faith, science, technology, and much more.

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Bishop Foley Catholic’s mission and ministry is to form young minds, get to know and love Christ, while at the same time receiving an excellent academic education. BFC is a warm and welcoming community that offers many opportunities for growth in academic excellence, friendships, teamwork, and faith.

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Bishop Foley Catholic High school strives to be a Christ-centered school that encourages students and staff to live as missionary disciples. We accomplish this mission by rooting our day in countless opportunities to pray, serve and learn.

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Foley alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends of our beloved school understand the value of a Bishop Foley Catholic education. We are ever grateful to those who support our Mission, which is to provide a Christ-centered environment that emphasizes academic excellence to develop the whole person in mind, body and spirit.

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Board of Directors

Bishop Foley Catholic Board of Directors

A Board of Directors plays a vital role in the governance and strategic direction of any institution, including a high school. As stewards of the school's mission and vision, the Board of Directors at Bishop Foley Catholic acts as a collective body responsible for making important decisions and providing guidance on matters ranging from educational policies and financial management to long-term planning and community engagement. Comprising individuals with diverse expertise and backgrounds, the Board brings their collective wisdom to ensure the school's continued growth, excellence, and commitment to serving its students, faculty, staff, and the wider community.

— Established 2023 —

Meet the Board


Tim Finegan
Chairperson of the Board


Fr. Tony Richter


Rich Wille


Jennifer Henderson-Zaner


Jeff Huskiens


Marylee Petty

Not Pictured:
Mike Sinagoga

Board of Directors Subcommittees

Catholic Identity
BOD Rep: Fr. Tony Richter
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  • Qualified Individuals: those who are called to celebrate the Faith upon which Bishop Foley Catholic High School was founded, and ensure its continued prominence in the school community
  • Purpose: Consider manner in which opportunities for increased Faith outreach and involvement can be created for the school community as a whole, including students, parents, staff, and alumni

BOD Rep: Mr. Michael Sinagoga
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  • Qualified individuals: those with a CPA, experience in finance, business, and/or non-profit educational structure
  • Purpose: analyze and interpret financial data, providing summaries to advise the board on tuition, investment, and other financial matters
  • Responsibilities include: reviewing budget reports and financial reports, recommending tuition and fee structures

Building and Grounds
BOD Rep: Dr. Richard Wille
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  • Qualified Individuals: those with experience in building/construction trades, city planning, and/or renovation/repair of facilities
  • Purpose: directed by a full building audit, this committee makes recommendations to ensure efficient, safe and well-maintained facilities and grounds
  • Responsibilities include: Interpreting the Building Audit, creation of a five-year plan of priorities for building maintenance, including preventative maintenance

Admissions and Retention
BOD Rep: Mr. Tim Finegan
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  • Qualified Individuals: those with experience in recruitment of students, and/or the process of application and admission to a private school (even as a parent)
  • Purpose: Assist the Admissions Director to expand both opportunities for outreach to prospective students, as well as avenues of attracting new students to BFC, and retaining those that we have.

BOD Rep: Mr. Tim Finegan
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  • Qualified individuals: those with experience in school fundraising, marketing (all types, from social media to traditional), branding, and institutional advancement/development
  • Purpose: Review current run of year-to-year school funding events, provide support to the Alumni Board and associated committees, seek funding sources for, and promote, the priorities of “major” maintenance projects, as identified by Buildings and Grounds, suggest/research additional/best fundraising sources: grants, direct fundraising, etc.

Academic Integrity
BOD Rep: Mrs. Jennifer Zaner
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  • Qualified individuals: those with experience in education, either as a teacher, administrator, or any similar role in private, public, or charter education, as well as those who instruct/have involvement at the college level
  • Purpose: Ensure that the standards of Bishop Foley Catholic High School’s academic programs and curriculum are consistently improving and growing to meet the diverse needs of our students and the career paths of the future

BOD Rep: Mr. Jeff Huskiens
Contact Subcommittee

  • Qualified individuals: those with a passion for the role that athletics plays in the life of our students and school community
  • Purpose: Ensure future of our athletic facilities and program, from fields and courts, to concessions and programs

Board of Directors Application and Membership

The Board of Directors is seeking additional members interested in guiding the future of Bishop Foley Catholic High School. Individuals who wish to be considered for a one-year term (renewable) should review the following guidelines for eligibility, and submit the following items electronically to the Board Chair, Mr. Tim Finegan, at boardchair@bishopfoley.org.

  • Individuals must be a practicing Catholic in good standing
  • With the exception of clerics, individuals must provide a letter of nomination from the pastor of their current parish. For a template that can be provided to the pastor of your home parish, please utilize this document: Sample Pastor Letter
  • Individuals must demonstrate a commitment to the vision and mission of Bishop Foley Catholic, through past and current actions
  • Individuals must not take a public stance against the policies and beliefs of the school and church while serving in their representative role as a member of the Board of Directors of Bishop Foley Catholic High School
  • Individuals must be understanding of the need for confidentiality of certain information discussed at meetings, and will not release personnel, financial, or other private information without a decision by the board to publish this information in an update to the community
  • As we grow the board, this announcement serves as a calling for both for nominations/ self-nominations
  • An individual who applies (or is invited to apply) for a position on the Board of Directors will provide a letter of application to the Board Chair, along with the aforementioned recommendation/nomination letter from his or her pastor
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors at the next meeting:
    • An action item will be added to the agenda to review the information, and, if the applicant is considered to be a benefit to the board, to send a recommendation that they be appointed to the Board of Members.
    • The Board of Members will appoint recommended applicants to a term of one year, renewable, on the Board of Directors
  • With respect to necessary qualifications, connections, and roles, a member would be considered eligible, and sought, for membership on the Board of Directors. While there are multiple roles listed, not all are necessary to be filled in order to have a full board; these are simply the manner in which the Board of Directors and its members demonstrate an invested connection to the mission and future of Bishop Foley Catholic High School:
    • Former Parent
    • Alumnus/Alumna
    • Individuals with experience in Building Trades/Facilities Management
    • Individuals with experience in Education, including teachers or other school professionals (not currently employed by Bishop Foley Catholic High School)
    • Individuals with experience in Fundraising, Development, and Marketing
    • Individuals with business experience that can be of benefit to the goals and direction of the school
  • Per establishment guidelines put forth in the Canonical and Legal Statues that established the Board of Members and Board of Directors, individuals in the following capacity are not permitted to serve on the Board of Directors:
    • Any current member of the Bishop Foley Catholic High School Staff
      • A Faculty Representative will be invited by the Board Chair to attend all meetings as a non-voting member
      • The School Principal serves as the Secretary of the organization, and thus attends all meetings, but is a non-voting member
    • Any person who currently has a student enrolled at Bishop Foley Catholic High School
    • Any individual who does not meet the guidelines set and required for membership on the Board of Directors

Mr. Tim Finegan

Board Chair


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