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Frank Accavitti III Appointed New Principal

Bishop Foley Catholic has announced that Frank Accavitti III will become the principal effective July 24. He is replacing the former principal, Elizabeth Hubbell.
Accavitti has previously served as Bishop Foley Catholic’s Assistant Principal since 2014 and over ten years of experience in education. Prior to his role at Foley, he taught English for seven years in public and charter schools. As a Catholic educator, he brings a strong Catholic Christian commitment to his role and will lead the students and family in a deeper relationship with the Lord and the Church.
“Mr. Accavitti is already well known to us at Foley… He is liked and respected by staff, students and parents. He steps into this position with knowledge of the needs of the school. Mr. Accavitti has a solid educational background.” said Bishop Foley Catholic President and Father Gerard LeBoeuf. “I believe that I have hired the best principal to meet our needs, and one who will continue our mission of being “Undeniably Catholic, Academically Excellent.”
Since joining the school three years ago, Accavitti is amazed at the dedication of the faculty, caliber of the students and support of the families. “It was my dream to continue to be a part of the Foley Family as one of its leaders, and I am both humbled by, and grateful for, the decision to elevate me to the position of principal. Foley is my home, and I am personally guided by the same faith and principles that have defined this great community for over 50 years.” Accavitti said.
Accavitti received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University and has also earned a Master of Science from Madonna University.