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The counseling department works together with the faculty to offer a variety of accommodations for students. If you have any questions, please contact a Guidance Counselor at 248-585-1210.

Service Plans/IEP’s/504’s

At the beginning of the school year, each student with a Non-Public Service Plan, IEP or 504 plan has a meeting with their parents, counselor, and teachers. All of these stakeholders work together to come up with a list of accommodations and strategies to help the student succeed throughout the year.

Outside Special Education from Lamphere

Students with a Non-Public Service Plan/IEP may be eligible to receive special education services from Lamphere Schools. The Lamphere Special Education Teacher Consultants/School Psychologists may complete specialized diagnostic testing. Plus, may provide speech testing and other services.

Testing Accommodations

Some students may need extra time on tests, an alternate location, or other accommodations. These students will receive arrangements based on their plans established at the beginning of the school year.


This is a class designed to help students successfully navigate their college preparatory coursework. Seminar will include time for personal study, organizational/study skills, and learning strategies. Students are expected to use class time to study, work on homework, make up missing assignments and tests, and keep current with their grades.