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Visual & Performing Arts Dept. Q&A

What real world skills do your students learn?

Drama: Performing in public. Speaking in front of people is in the top 5 fears of many Americans, these classes and the after school program help the students learn how to cope with the "fight or flight "syndrome and prepare them to relax in public speaking situations.

Dance: Dance teaches proper body alignment and body self awareness. By working on body alignment, flexibility and strength a person can decrease the severity or totally avoid injury. Since it is a performance class it helps students learn how to cope with performance anxiety.

Visual Arts: Foley artists will learn the basic design thinking cycle and use it to influence their work in all mediums. Students are challenged with projects pulled from authentic scenarios in current creative fields.  Artists are responsible for the creation, packaging, and promotion of every commercial item in the world from sneakers and candy bars to cars and skyscrapers, not to mention the ever expanding world of online media. Here at Foley, we simply try to open students minds to the world of possibilities that awaits them and give them the foundation of skills that can prepare them to take the next step.

What careers can they get?

Learning to be more comfortable speaking and performing in public will help in any career. Our students can go on to explore literally endless job paths in fields like illustration, product design, photography, advertising, film, animation, fashion design, web development, communication and broadcast media, interior design, architecture, and fine arts.

What fun things can students take part in?

Drama/Dance: Students are able to be involved in the many productions we do on any level they are interested. Lots of opportunity to perform and be a part of a performance.

Visual Arts: First, Ventures love to enter movies into our annual student film festival. Each year we pack the Royal Oak Main Art Theatre as students walk the red carpet hoping their film will take home a trophy in our juried competition. We also explore many different mediums like screen printing and makeup design in our bi-weekly Art Club and National Art Society meetings. Finally, students will have several chances to see art in action through various field trips to places like the Detroit Institute of Arts, College for Creative Studies, Motion Picture Institute and more.

What makes the Visual & Performing Arts department at Foley unique?

Drama/Dance: We offer different levels of Drama as part of the curriculum. We also have 4 different performance opportunities for working on plays. We offer dance as part of the curriculum and as an after school program with performance opportunities.

Visual Arts: Foley Fine Arts is unique because we offer a truly varied art curriculum with 14 different visual arts courses that range from focusing on traditional mediums like drawing, ceramics, and painting, to exploring digital software and conceptual design. Furthermore, we provide an environment that is both flexible enough to welcome a range of outcomes and ideas, while simultaneously imparting the rigor necessary for students to think critically and produce award winning and competitive art.