Bishop Foley Catholic High School

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Bishop Foley Catholic High school strives to be a Christ-centered school that encourages students and staff to live as missionary disciples. We accomplish this mission by rooting our day in countless opportunities to pray, serve and learn.


Students and staff attend mass weekly. BFC also offers perpetual adoration weekly. St. John Paul II once said, “In the Mass and in Eucharistic Adoration, we meet the merciful love of God that passes through the heart of Jesus Christ.” Our goal is to allow the Holy Spirit to guide our students and staff closer to the Lord.


Every year, students joyfully anticipate attending class retreats. The senior retreat is three-days off campus. Juniors have a two-day off-campus retreat. Sophomores and freshmen have a one-day off campus retreat. The purpose of our retreats is to promote a reflective, relaxing atmosphere that promotes students to have a personal encounter with God. Students with strong missionary hearts geared towards service are encouraged to participate in our Mission & Ministry club, Right to Life club, or Catholic Athletes for Christ club. These clubs are rooted in service and love for the Lord.


Most students excel in their Christian Service hours. Our students are very creative with their Christian service. Many students help with parish events or at non-profit organizations like Gleaners, Salvation Army or the Humane Society. Students are encouraged to visit the “Service” bulletin board outside of my office, should they desire to learn about upcoming opportunities.


As the Missions & Ministry Director, it is a pleasure to watch students grow in their faith and love for the Lord. High School is the time when young people begin seeking questions regarding religion, faith and morality. Bishop Foley strives to be a welcoming community that encourages dialogue and open communication. I meet regularly with students, staff and parents to ensure that we stay true to the school’s mission. My office is always open to students or staff who desire to talk or ask questions about faith.


May the love of the Lord fill your heart today!


Sincerely in Christ,


Ashley Hursin

Mission & Ministry Director