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Honor Code

The Bishop Foley Catholic High School Honor Code is established to ensure that students take responsibility for their own actions and thus to create an atmosphere free from suspicion. By means of the Honor Code, Bishop Foley's students practice moral leadership, accept personal responsibility, and develop strong character.

Description of the Code 

While the Honor Code is a part of our school as a total community, it is a special honor given to the students of Bishop Foley Catholic High School due to their desire to be part of this family and to be concerned for its well-being. At the heart of the Honor Code is respect for the dignity of the human person. Lying, cheating, stealing, and tolerating those who do are damaging to the student's moral virtue and to the reputation of the school. Taking responsibility for one's actions is vital to the maturity of each individual.

The students of Bishop Foley Catholic High School are citizens of God's family, their own respective families, and our Foley family. The trust among all members of this family builds confidence in the overall school community and enables all to be grounded in Christ Jesus.

Student Requirements

A Bishop Foley student should uphold the following honor code statements.

  • Always tell the truth. He/she is honest and cooperative with the administration, faculty, and fellow students, even when questioned about wrongdoing.

  • Have integrity. Any homework, reports, exams, tests, or other graded or ungraded work is to be the sole work of the student whose name appears on that material. He/she does not claim another's work as his/her own without giving proper credit.

  • Shall not steal. He/she does not take or use what belongs to another without being granted prior permission.

  • Uphold the Honor Code. Through charitable fraternal correction, he or she does not knowingly tolerate another student's violation of the Honor Code.

  • Follow a respectful social media persona. This includes texting, commenting, and photos when using apps like Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, or any other social media platform. Actions and words should not be harmful to oneself, BFC community, or anyone else.