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About the World Language Department

What real world skills do your students learn?

Students learn communication skills for a variety of topics to use in the real world, while also gaining an understanding of other cultures that allows them to broaden their view of the world. They explore the beauty of the Spanish and French speaking world through art, music and other cultural aspects. 

What careers can they get?

They can pursue teaching, translating or interpretation in a variety of fields; many employers value employees who can reach out to the non-English speaking communities. Law enforcement and dozens of business opportunities are available to those who are multilingual. As our economy becomes more global, the need for bilingual business men and women is greater than ever before.

What fun things can students take part in?

  • Field trip to the DIA and restaurant
  • Projects where students run for president, create their own commercials and experience Hispanic foods through class experiences
  • Students frequently engage in “roleplay,” practicing vocabulary and grammatical concepts as they create conversations that take place in hospitals, airports and train stations; they also play the roles of newscasters, wedding planners and world class chefs as they dramatize conversations and bring Spanish to life
  • Participating in class skits both individually and in small groups

What makes the World Language Department at Foley unique?

Our students leave Foley with a strong grasp of the Spanish language — our communicative approach is effective compared to other programs. We have a high percentage of students who test out of their college requirements or complete their minor in Spanish before their senior year. We offer AP Spanish and a fifth-year independent study course for students who test into Spanish 2 as freshmen. This course gives students the opportunity to read a variety of literary works of the Spanish-speaking world.



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Mrs. Shonna Proctor
Spanish Teacher
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Ms. Erin Ray
French Teacher
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