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Social Studies

About the Social Studies Department

What real world skills do your students learn?

Students in Social Studies classes gain the real world skills of crafting arguments based on evidence acquired by careful reading and research of different perspectives, which encourages respectful debate. They learn to apply their knowledge to their lives and make decisions using guidance from our history, an understanding of current events and the social sciences.

What careers can they get?

Careers available range from law and criminal justice fields, historians, writers, sociologists, social workers, psychologists and more. An awareness of our history and the social sciences brings an important perspective to any field.

What fun things can students take part in?

Students engage in lots of hands-on projects and activities in class, from debates to designing museum exhibits on the Great Depression to creating WWII projects on a topic of their choice.
The Criminal Justice classes have gone to a law conference where they have the opportunity to see career presentations from professionals in various aspects of law enforcement. They also take a field trip to the criminal courts to watch the legal system in action.
AP Psychology makes 3D brains, and one year, a Psychology class chose to make a hands-on model of the brain.
Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to go to Washington, D.C. through Close Up, which gives them a hands on experience with American history and government.

What makes the Social Studies Department at Foley unique?

We are the perfect size. We have competitive course offerings, yet we are small enough to track individual students and serve them over their entire time at Foley. The Social Studies Department also offers hands-on, dynamic classes, including electives in Criminal Justice, Sociology and Psychology, plus four different AP classes.



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