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ACT and AP Test Prep

Taking standardized tests can be challenging for many students. There are several resources available online to prepare students and help with make the test taking experience less stressful.

Practice Tests

Taking practice tests can assist students with better preparing them for the actual test day. Plus, it is an excellent way to determine what topics they may need to spend additional time studying.
The Peterson's Student Edge website is a a good resource for a variety of college prep tests. The Test Prep Review is another site that can be used to practice and review material. Students that plan to take the AP Test, may want to look at the AP Student website for assistance on exam information and practice questions. 

The ACT and MME

For complete details about the ACT, please visit the ACT Test website. Information about the Michigan Merit Examination can be found on Michigan's Department of Education website. Faculty can reference the College readiness standards by visiting this ACT web page.